How To Find a Hobby In the Age of Side Hustles

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Majority Rules. Or does it?

With the shift of the workforce moving online, more people are making their hobby a source of income.

Does that mean you have to? Of course not!

But, there are benefits to finding a hobby that does not include income!

A hobby can help relieve stress.

If you work in a high stress environment, a hobby can help ground you. It can also help you unwind at the end of the day.

Since this is a voluntary activity, there is no deadline or quota that needs tending to.

Enjoy a break from routine!

Hobbies can offer new challenges and exciting experiences.

A hobby completed at home or in your city can be a great way to tackle challenges and experience something new.

Even for the most seasoned manager, server or business owner, the process of learning is the same. There is no pressure at the beginning if you’re not great at it.

Haven’t painted before? Start painting. Don’t know how to refurbish your old furniture but have always wanted to? Learn some DIY tricks.

You get the idea!

A hobby is an opportunity to expand your perspective.

A hobby can help you see new perspectives. You can even meet people around the world who have diverse backgrounds.

Ever felt strong about a certain opinion? Most of us do.

Research your new hobby, the origin and how it can differ from country to country, city to city.

The more you learn about diversity and culture, the more well-rounded your character!

So how do you go about finding a new hobby?

Take the guesswork out of it.

Have you ever admired someone’s artwork and told yourself you’d try it one day?

Have you ever discussed lofty ideas about renovating or refurbishing furniture?

2. What’s your budget?

Keep in mind some activities need more investment than others.

For instance, refurbishing furniture can cost less than renovating a whole house. Don’t jump into something without doing a little self-reflection and calculation where appropriate.

Remember, hobbies don’t have to break the bank! It is something to enjoy, not a stress to add to your list.

3. Start conversations with people that have hobbies.

Whether it is online or a a close friend of yours. Ask them questions!

It is likely that people love to talk about their hobbies!

Getting to know how other people decided on an activity can help you in your process.

Knowing what people enjoy can help you sift through activities that you might enjoy too!

4. Try a few things to test the waters.

If you are stuck but have a few ideas in mind, try all them! Of course, this may slow your process of finding a hobby, but it means you can try many things in the beginning.

You may stick to one of them of none of them.

The key here is to start.

5. Reflect on your childhood or pastimes.

Was there something you enjoyed as a kid that could translate into a hobby as an adult? E.g. building architecture models, car models or even lego cities.

My hobby for writing and visual art began as a child. It is now an integral part of my “off day” routine — I am now trying to make these hobbies into a source of income!

Did you happen to play sport back in the day? Is there a similar group you could join for your age-range or a new sport you could try altogether?

6. Notice what you want to change about yourself. Remember that interests change and that’s okay.

Do you have a habit that irks even yourself? So, have you stopped a hobby because of other responsibilities?

New challenges and activities can force you to think outside the box.

For some, sports or exercise are a suitable hobby for improved health and wellbeing.

For others, planning improves by organising work and hobby schedule. E.g. I will complete X of hobby Y after 5pm.

Utilise a hobby to develop yourself as a person.

7. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Work on both!

There are a bunch of quizes that can give you a rough guide on what you’re good at versus what you can improve.

Each month, I try and do something I’m not good at to be decent.

For instance, I can’t draw that well so I try and doodle every so often. It’s rare, but it does get my creativity flowing and gets me one step closer to becoming a better drawer!

Let’s talk about your strengths! Do you receive compliments for your photography, styling, gaming, knitting or organisational skills?

If yes, pick those enjoyable activities as a hobby and continue doing it!

Every few months, track your progress. Compare Week 1 to Week 10.

Change happens over time so be patient and keep at it!


Yes, beginning is the hardest part.

But once you get over that daunting/exciting/unnerving first step, it will get easier with time!

We are fortunate to have so many opportunities around us. You may as well build your skills or learn new ones!

P.S. It is December! This past year has flown by. I wish you all happy holidays! May the new year bring you perseverance to reach your goals, success, love and good health!

Your local well-being enthusiast! I love learning and sharing about mental health, mindset, love and life lessons. Follow along at :)

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